2-Storey Commercial Building Concept

Posted February 14, 2019 | & filed under Commercial Building Design, Design and Engineering Tips, House Designs, Updates.

A 2-storey Commercial Building Concept with roof deck. This concept has 12 commercial spaces with electrical and utility room on each floor. It also has parking spaces for cars and motorcycles. For more details, feel free to contact us thru 0917-706–3446/0939-920-1654 or email us at inquiry@spm10.com.


Video of the design


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One Response to “2-Storey Commercial Building Concept”

  1. Augusto Tengonciang

    The concept if very nice!
    I would like to know what will be the total required lot area for this?
    If you could also let me know the estimated cost and timeline to complete the project?

    Thank you!


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