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When we were financially ready to build our own home, the next important step we did was to decide for its design. It was only then that we realized that it’s a challenging thing to do because there were a lot of factors that we had to consider when we decided for our home design. For us, we chose to have a two-storey house with spiral stairs.

Our Lifestyle Matters

My husband and I are both busy with our family business, and we have two lovely girls who are 6 and 4 years old. We then decided to build a 3-bedroom house, two upstairs – the master bedroom and a guest room (good for 3 persons) since we have family members who come to visit us regularly. We also have one room downstairs for our two nannies and one house help.
Both rooms upstairs have their own bathrooms, and we have another bathroom downstairs.

Since we love inviting family and friends on special occasions, we built a spacious receiving room, kitchen and dining area downstairs. We also opted to have a small receiving area upstairs which we can use for a private conversation with family or friends.

Spacious Work Area

As accountants, both my husband and I need a place where we can do our job efficiently. That is why we have an office that is big enough to accommodate the necessary things that we need for our business. Also, to make work fast and easy for our house helps, we have spacious laundry area near our kitchen. We also have a garage that is big enough for our two cars.

Lovely Outdoors

As the interior of our home looks great, we also made sure that its exterior would look equally amazing. We informed our contractor beforehand that we wanted to have a landscaped garden, and good thing that they are also expert at this. Now, we have an outdoor area that we are really proud of.

Reliable Contractors

To surely have the home that we have been dreaming of, we made it a point to hire a contractor who is known for quality output and excellent customer service.


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