SPM10’s cause is “Redefining Customer Experience”. SPM10 wants to bring a new definition of what Customer Experience is all about. Apart from delivering quality and innovative products, we want our clients to be part of the whole process, making sure that they get what they want and when they want it. Their Experience in the whole process from the Design Stage, Development Stage, even until after the project is done is valuable to us. SPM10 believes that Customer Experience goes beyond completing the Project…its a lasting relationship with people the Company serves because We Care. “WE CARE” is SPM10’s Shared Values cause We Care for our customers.


Our Shared Values


Watchful: We pay attention to Details.

Ethical: We do things Right.


Creative: We Innovate to Serve you Better

Accountable: We provide Solutions, not excuses.

Responsive: We do things on Schedule.

Excellence: We do it better than Expected.


There are no shortcuts to success. SPM10 believes that Customer Experience should be  valued more than anything. Then WE CARE – The SPM10 Way will take us there.


Our Vision

SPM10’s vision is to be the most admired Builder of Strategic Real Estate Investment Platforms and Concepts.

Strategic Investment Platform and Concept

If you have an idle property and you want it developed but do not know where to start. SPM10 can help you develop a Strategic Investment Platform or Concept to maximize the use of your property.

We help conduct studies and research to fully equip ourselves with all the information needed to determine the highest and best use of your property. Then we can help you design a concept or an Investment Platform to maximize the use of your property. Once the concept is finalized we can help you Build it and Manage it for you should you be busy with your other businesses.  We can help you in the DESIGN & BUILDING stages, and as well as in the MANAGEMENT.  SPM10 can help you maximize the use of your property.

Our Mission 

Our Mission is twofold –

To Redefine Customer Experience by providing and delivering quality and innovative real estate products, platforms and concepts on schedule.

To provide our people with the structure wherein they can be empowered to maximize their potential and be the best they can be in a culture of continuous learning and improvement with Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, and Commitment as the foundation.

Our Corporate Objective 

10 is a very important number for SPM10 because it stands for the Strategic Corporate Objectives of the company which is to develop 10 Investment Platforms, Operate in 10 cities, and Do it in 10 years.


What we do

SPM10 or Strategic Property Management 10 Corporation. It is a Cagayan de Oro based Management Firm that specializes in Construction Project Management and Property Management. Construction Project Management (CPM) includes the comprehensive preparation of product designs, specifications, costing, and its actual product development of any specified residential or commercial building. The Property Management on the other hand includes management of Commercial Spaces, Condominiums, Subdivisions, Rentals, and Project Feasibility Study.

The group is composed of experienced, dynamic, and licensed professionals with diverse expertise in the fields of real estate, banking, economics, finance, marketing, engineering, and design.

It is a people-driven organization that aims to deliver superior and innovative products and platforms to address today’s urbane clients.


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