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To Buy or to Build

There will come a time when one has reached the right age to get married and start his family, this often automatically translate to this individual finding his own home. While extended families are a common family tradition here in the Philippines, it does not stop a person from having the desire to create a “nest” of his own.

In other cases, some people may have just simply outgrown their current house and are considering on moving to a new home. It may be because their old house has become too old and on the verge of breaking and causing accidents, or because of work location reasons.

At times, people usually jump into looking at real estate ads in search for a house they can afford, but what about the option of building a house? This would only require one to have an empty lot to set the foundation of the home, and building it will just carry on from there.

These days people are often looking for something instant, like instant food, instant results, and in this case, an instant house. While each individual has their own reasons and desires on whether they want to buy or build a house, the latter option offers something more custom and personalized.

The Benefits of Building a Home

Building a home may at first seem tiresome and take too long compared to buying a readymade house, but there are benefits to doing so. Plus, one will most definitely not be alone in building his own house, because he can always seek help from professional home builders or contractors around his city.

To explain further on this, here are the following benefits of building instead of buying:

  • The home can be built according to family size.Readymade homes often have a set family capacity number that one would have to adjust to upon purchase and finally living there. At times, a home may be too small or too big for a family, and one is considered lucky when he finds a home that fits his family perfectly. Building allows an individual to plan out a home with his contractors that fits his family size right. One has the freedom to choose whether his children get separate rooms and bathrooms, or to assign shared rooms. He can also decide how big or small the house should be according to his family size and budget. Building a home is one of the best ways to assure that everyone in the family lives comfortably.
  • Overall control. Apart from directing the home builders for plan and build a home that is the right size, one also has control on the overall features and aspects of the house. Of course though, one would occasionally have to listen to the advice from the experts in order to make the right decisions. Even so, the whole look of the house will rely heavily on the owner’s decision and taste. Whoever owns or requested to have the house build gets to decide on the size, color, detail and other features of his house.

Custom choice of materials. Home builders or contractors will come to the homeowner to recommend or propose what materials to use, but the homeowner still has the final say. Buying a home would require one to adjust to whatever materials were made into building the home, even if one may prefer something different. In building a home, one can make specific decisions on what materials to use, though this will also depend on his budget. If one is unsure on what materials to buy, the home builders or contractors he hired are always available to offer their advice.

Find Cagayan de Oro Builders

SPM10 has home designing, building and property managing services that may come as useful to those looking to build their own “nest” or home.

Before purchasing a house, think of the benefits of building a custom house first. If the decision on building one instead is clear, contact SPM10 to get help!


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