People would invest a huge amount of money for their dream houses. A home where they could build a family and start a new life. A place that will make you feel safe, happy, and free. Free of laughing, screaming, crying and of creating memories with your family.

Over the past years, SPM10 has been designing and building homes, valuing the experience of what our clients would get. Now that technologies have been evolving, SPM10 came up with a concept of incorporating technology in a home, bringing a new definition of what customer experience is all about. A Quality Home combined with technology to give you a connected experience. SPM10’s Experience Home or eHOME, let’s you experience a new level of safety, security, and convenience.

Safety and Security
Safety and security have always been part of our hierarchy of needs. We need to feel safe and secured especially in our homes. With eHome, safety and security have never been a problem. eHOME is fully equipped with 24/7 high definition smart cameras. Monitoring your house has become an interactive experience. Know what’s going on in your house, through your mobile device via Smart CCTV cameras, access it anytime, anywhere. eHOME is also equipped with smoke detectors in case of fire. Smoke detectors are sometimes neglected by some household owners thinking that fire can easily be noticed through the smell of the smoke. Some smokes are odorless and this can only be detected by a smoke detector.

eHOME gives you convenience at its best. Imagine a house where you can control almost every technology in your home through your phone. Have you experienced fumbling with your keys? Or left it inside your car, office or in your bag? Worry no more, because smart locks offers keyless touchpads and what’s even awesome is you can ask SIRI to open your door via voice command. eHOME also has smart air conditioner where you can control the temperature in your house without exerting too much effort, just get your phone, open the app and press the desired temperature and that’s it! Smart window covering adds up to the lists. With just an app on your phone, you can put a schedule to open and close them in a specific time. You may be thinking about your electricity bill with eHOME,  well, solar roof  panels are designed in your home to save up money in your wallet. You can generate your own electricity and balance your energy consumption through this. This gives you energy reliability and security. In case of power blackouts, your home will still be operating  with full security and convenience.

This is what eHOME gives you – HOME CONNECTIVITY. Even when you are still outside your gate, you can control the window blinds, the lights and the temperature of your house through your device. Your house is prepared right before you enter your home.This is a home that is connecting possibilities. Series of technologies connected in a device to create countless possibilities. Say Hello to the new level of home experience, SPM10’s eHOME, where you’ll experience safety and convenience at its finest.

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