Five Design Ideas to Increase Office Productivity

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When starting up a business, owners will include in the decision-making process the design of the office space, and the marketing and financial strategies. When it comes to office productivity, it is vital in every business to have a practical design. An office should not just be attractive but also conducive and clean.

Currently, Northern Mindanao is one of the booming regions in the Philippines and more businesses are opening new branches and offices. This gives opportunities for the city to boost its economy.

These days, new offices have incorporated modern and contemporary interior designs which are appealing to new generation employees. However, many employees are now starting to prefer working at home or in working spaces outside office hours because they become more productive and are able to finish their tasks without peer pressure. For this habit to break, companies have included new features to make the workplace less stressful and more inviting.

Here are five office design tips and ideas that will help increase the productivity of the workers:

A Touch of Nature 

Adding natural light will help decrease negative vibration in the office environment. Design the office to have wider windows and a glass ceiling to let the sunlight come in. This also helps in conserving energy which means more savings on the monthly cash flow.

Also, putting plants inside the office or adding a small garden outside of the building can help increase productivity as well. All in all, incorporating nature into workspaces will lessen work-related stress.

Color and the Right Framing

For a more inviting office environment, choose the right color that will compliment every area and space of the building. Follow the psychology of colors which influences the mind of every team member.

For example, painting the walls in light blue can add a relaxing mood as it will help decrease blood pressure and calm pulse rates. Also, it is essential to follow the right framing which pertains to the infrastructure of the building such as partitions and spaces.


To make the business more inviting to the new generation of employees, add a touch of technology primarily for the office equipment and security system. Allow a paperless transaction where material cost can be lessened and office waste can be minimized through cloud-based file transfers and task recording systems. Other companies include added security system for door locks, a burglar or fire alarm, and gadget-based light system.

Fresh and Organized Workspaces

Air-conditioning and organized workspace are vital to productivity. When the office has proper air ventilation, the spread of illnesses can be prevented. Company owners can also add air humidifiers with scents using essential oils to keep the air fresh and drive more office productivity. Additionally, people are more effective with their work when their workspace furniture and equipment are organized and clean.

Practice Privacy

The new trend in office spaces today are designed to have glass walls and open working areas. However, most staff prefer privacy which allows them to concentrate on doing tasks and for them to have personal space.

On the other hand, a public office is beneficial for businesses concerning productivity as it will enable people to communicate and work as a team. Less office division and partitions can maximize the effectivity of the business process flow while preserving the staff’s right to privacy.

For companies who are planning to start their business in the city, consider looking for office space that will suffice the need of both the company and partners. Have the freedom to follow the five tips in designing an office that will not only make the area look good but also improve the productivity of the business.

Additionally, for any renovations, you may have in mind for your office or if you want to build your very own office from scratch, our team at SPM10 will be more than happy to have our building contractors in Cagayan de Oro City help you out!


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