How Your Smartphone Can Control  Your Home

Posted June 20, 2019 | & filed under Updates.

Almost everyone today has a smartphone. If you’re still one of those few, who don’t have a smartphone, perhaps knowing that it can help you control your home may change your mind.

Voice Control. Ever wondered what the Siri app on iPhones is for? Other than asking it to look up information for you from the internet, you can ask Siri to lock your doors and turn off your lights! Just connect your phone to your Wi-Fi.

Smart Locks. Gone are the days where you have to go back home minutes after you just left just to check the doors or struggle unlocking it when you’re carrying your weekly groceries.

Smart Cameras. What happens when you leave your home? Are your kids, your pets, and appliances safe once you’ve left? Be aware of what’s happening in real-time by viewing your CCTV footage on your smartphone!

Smart Plugs. There are times when we forget to unplug our appliances. With your smartphone, you can turn off your sockets and plugs with the use of your smartphone and be assured you’re saving energy and keeping your home safe!

These features and amenities are what are commonly known as the smarthome! The smarthome and the features mentioned are available at SPM10, one of the trusted Cagayan de Oro home builders, and our innovation – the eHome!


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