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The great thing about technology is that is it can help you lessen your workload. Even better, there have been innovations in real estate that allow us to incorporate technology into our homes.

This has been the trend in the US and they call it Smart Homes. These Smart Homes feature high security, energy efficiency, accessibility, and many more.

Being one of the top home builders in Cagayan de Oro, SPM10 has brought such innovations to our shores. We designed the Experience Home or eHOME. This is similar to the concept of Smart Homes in the US and is packed with similar features and more.


What’s Great with eHOMEs?

With eHOME, you can access everything using your phone. Want to turn on the light? Change the temperature of the room or even open the door? You can control all that with just a single device, your phone.

For you to know the many advantages of using eHOMEs, we’ll break it down to the following details:


Safety and Security

This is packed with safety features like smart cameras installed inside and outside your home. You can monitor who is coming in and out. Aside from that, you can control your locks through your phone.

How many times have you gone to bed only to realize no one has locked the door yet? God forbid, you’ll be sound asleep while your main door is still unlocked. If you have an eHOME, you can lock your main door straight from your phone.


Energy Efficiency

Since your phone will serve as the universal remote of your house, you can control turning the lights on and off with it.

This feature will definitely help you save on your electrical expenses since you don’t have to leave a light on while you are out late and instead will just turn it on when you are on your way home.



With this type of security feature, you can control the doors and gates with a smart device. No more fumbling your bags to find your keys because you’ll be able to control everything with your phone. This will give you an easier access to your home. You’ll no longer have to worry who will open your door once you arrive, you can do that by yourself and you don’t even have to leave your car while doing it.



With everything being just a button away, you’ll have convenience like no other. You can lock doors while laying down in your bed. You can check who’s still out by just viewing your phone. Everything is now within a few clicks away.



The eHOME is definitely a game changer in terms of real estate innovations. This will give you maximum security, energy (and money) saving efficiency, and hassle-free access – a definite must have to any home!


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