Mediterranean Bungalow Design 2

Posted April 16, 2019 | & filed under Design and Engineering Tips, House Designs, Mediterranean Collection, Updates.

A Mediterranean Bungalow design with 147 sqm floor area. This design has 3 bedrooms and 2 T&B. For more details, feel free to contact us thru 0917-706–3446/0939-920-1654 or email us at


Video of the Design


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6 Responses to “Mediterranean Bungalow Design 2”

  1. Teresa

    Pls just email me. I normally don’t answer phone calls till it’s necessary.
    I would like to know how much does the Mediterranean Bungalow cost? And where is this property located? Thanks

    • Digital Marketing Officer

      Hello Ma’am Teresa! Will email you the details ma’am. Thank you.

  2. Peter Jann Roa

    how much po total cost to build meditterenean bungalow design 2?

    • Digital Marketing Officer

      Hello Sir Peter. Will message you the details sir. Thank you!

  3. Nicole

    Hi, I would like to inquire how much would it cost to have a bungalow floor area of 150sqm house standard and the elegant finish and with 500 sqm lot area. Thank you. I also want to have it with gate thank you!


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