Practical Home Designs for Filipino Homeowners

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Every country has a unique and distinct design when it comes to architectural landmarks, buildings, and houses. Each home design differs on cultures and traditions of every nation.

The Philippines is one of the tropical countries in Southeast Asia and has been selected as one of the best places to retire according to Investopedia. Building a home in our country offers a wide range of designs and styles that could fit any lifestyle. Many real estate companies have built communities and villages with more modern and minimalist designs. However, there are those who prefer to have a say in their house design, according to their desired style.

To help you decide, here are four practical house designs that reflect a Filipino’s vision of a home:

Practical and Simple

Most Filipino homeowners aim to own a house that is simple and practical. Real estate firms offer houses that have simple interior and exterior designs.

The homeowner will have the option to redesign the house entirely or add fixtures to specific house areas. Other people choose to remodel their existing properties without compromising the house’s lot premises.

Small, Unique and Cozy

Living small is a new trend common among young professionals and new couples who are still starting to establish a new family. Small space units such as apartments, flats, and condominiums are other concepts of living in the Philippines’ diverse urban cities. With a floor area ranging from 200 to 500 square feet, space is maximized only for the basic parts of the house with pieces of furniture that are convenient and functional.

In a condominium unit with 26 sqm, the living area can also serve as the dining area and bedroom too. Small space designs are minimalist and functional at the same time without compromising the convenience and experience of living in a safe haven.


Filipinos value traditions and family ties. They sometimes build houses with the intention of extended family living with them. Some also reside in ancestral houses acquired from predecessors.

Traditional house designs in the Philippines are inspired by its neighboring countries and colonizers from the western countries. Majority of the traditional houses here have the Spanish resemblance especially in the northern parts of Luzon and select areas in Visayas. In Mindanao, it is a mixture of Spanish and Moro culture and home styles.

Modern and Stylish

In the Philippines, the real estate industry has slowly transitioned to build modern and stylish homes. These kinds of home designs bring a new way of urban living which provides more comfort and convenience.

Homebuilders have worked on a few modern houses that have sophisticated and stylish designs. Also, there are modern houses that have an integrated security system that lets the homeowners monitor and control it with the use of a smartphone. Also, other modern houses are designed to blend with nature which makes it eco-friendly and sustainable.

When building a home, especially when you have an existing property, it is best to come up with the best plan. Discuss it with your local home builder so that you can go through the process of redesigning your own house.


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