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It Is All About Location

Whether it comes to buying a house or building one, a particular factor that always requires careful consideration is the house’s location. Location is always important because even if a home is designed perfectly, homeowners can still tend to be unhappy just because of where the houses is located.

When one chooses to build a house instead of purchasing one, he becomes more flexible with his location choices. This is mainly because he only has to worry about finding the appropriately sized empty lot. Good thing that in Cagayan de Oro, there are several of these to choose from.

Empty lots can be found in plenty of different areas of Cagayan de Oro from downtown barangays to uptown residential subdivisions. Again, it is only a matter of picking an empty lot that is in the right location which suits the future homeowner’s needs.

Picking the right location can be just as challenging as picking a readymade home since once one starts building his home there, it can be too expensive to turn back. Needless to say, future homeowners need to be 100% sure about the location they picked before they start building their home.

Tips to Help Pick the Right Location

Although it can be a considerable challenge, we can always ask for tips and advice from other people, preferably experts in real estate. House builders or contractors would also know what locations would best suit a future homeowner’s taste and needs.

To get started, here are a few tips to remember when it comes to picking the right house location:

  • Check the budget. Empty lots can vary in price in terms of location. For example, lots located within residential subdivisions are known to be more expensive. When one determines his own budget, he can assess which areas he can afford. This also speeds up the decision making process since he does not have to keep asking for a day or two to check his funds before settling with a location. The best way for one to find out just how much he can afford on a location and building a house is to see a financial consultant.
  • Downtown vs. uptown. One must decide ahead whether building a house in downtown Cagayan de Oro or uptown Cagayan de Oro would be better for him and his family. Both sides of the city have its ups and downs, and this will all come down to the future homeowners’ needs. Downtown areas are much closer to many establishments like malls, schools, etc., but are typically more busy and noisy. Uptown areas may be a little farther, but are often more quiet and peaceful as they are far from the hustle and bustle of the city. If one desires peace and quiet and does not mind the distance between his house and important establishments, an uptown home would suit him best. On the other hand, if one desires to be closer to a large number of commercial establishments and does not mind the sounds of the city, choose a downtown home.

Contact the real estate agents in the area. Real estate agents often know nearly every detail of the area they are assigned to. That being said, for people who need someone to talk to about lots in a certain area, these are the people to ring. They will know the number of lots they have available, their size, price range, and more! By talking to real estate agents, one can also save time since one does not have to keep visiting different areas for assessment. A good practice would be to ask real estate agents about the lots they have, take down what they say, and pick out the best options from the information gathered. Afterwards, it would then be a good time to do area visits of the locations one has picked out.

Building a Home in Cagayan de Oro City

After settling for the perfect location, one can choose to hire our house and building contractors in Cagayan de Oro City here at SPM10! We can help design and build homes according to one’s needs and tastes in home design.


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