Top 5 Building Designs For Your New Home

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Choosing the best, eye-catching, dynamic design for our property or home is a top priority. While the exterior of buildings was once before considered less critical to the indoors, the scene of building design has changed today, and much emphasis is now laid on the exterior of the building just as much as the indoors.

The exterior designs of buildings now boast diversity with every building designer coming up with innovative ideas. To choose from this pool of designs can be a hard task and it may be up to good local building contractors to help you find the perfect plan.

However, these 5 building designs will give you some inspiration for choosing or creating a unique plan for your new home or property.

Dynamic Texture and Color

Bold colors are always eye-catching. Color or tone conveys a powerful effect on emotions, like how most people see the red as powerful, passionate, and it always drives people forward.

You can take inspiration for example from red building designs by using red as the theme color for your building. Make use of walls or panels with a corrugated look that will complement the roof of the buildings, calling even more attention the interior color and making the building one of the most eye-catching ones among other buildings.

Mixed Materials

If you are searching for a subtle but not less dynamic design, you can look to combine architectural panels along with a blend of natural stones to give your building design more depth. Mixing different types of sand together is another way of adding a dynamic feel to your building.

A mixture of brick and metal combined with panels can also add another dimension and interest to the building. In this case, home builders do a perfect job of helping you choose and combine different building materials to fit your taste.

Sleek Smooth Design

If you’re looking to give your building more personality and character, it doesn’t mean that you have to cover it up with many decorative elements. You can make your building imposing and powerful by adding clean lines which may seem little but can do a lot in terms of decoration.

Architectural panels or doors with two different colors to break up the lines of the exteriors is also enough to add some feel to the building, and smooth and sleek designs keep the building from being the major attraction in the plan if a minimalist feel is what you are going for.

Rustic Design

All buildings don’t have to look powerful, contemporary, or impersonal. Your structure can be perfect and better when they look more approachable and blends with their surroundings.

Use a rustic design to achieve this. It offers a way to balance the uniqueness and creativity of your design with the beauty of the environment.

Try to always look for designs that will complement a natural element in the environment. This may come in the form of rocks, trees, or lawns.

The beautiful natural scenery in your local area, like ours in Cagayan de Oro, can make the design perfect. By drawing inspiration from the environment in creating a plan for your building, your building will look more approachable, and it will bring a lot of people to your doors.

Simple and Classic Design

If you’re a fan of classical architecture, then all your building needs is just a hint of a classic design. A horizontal blending lap that sides with a well colored architectural pane, and with lots of glass and wood-like trims can do the trick.
The end result will give your property a look of classical buildings that have been used for decades, just with a fresh, contemporary twist.


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