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One of our Shared Values is to Innovate to Serve you Better. We are proud to present our new innovation which is Experience Home or better known as eHOME. This will be the official signature brand of SPM10 that offers security and convenience. We will continue to provide high-quality architectural services by incorporating technology to a new level of home experience.


What is eHOME?

eHOME is the new concept of SPM10 as an added feature of security and convenience for your home. This new idea of home security lets you control key devices using an application installed on your smartphone and access it any time, anywhere.  Monitoring your house has never been an interactive experience.


We offer 2 packages for eHOME.

1. eHOME – offers the basic home integration such as Smart Locks, Smart Cameras, Smart Sockets, and Smart Plugs.

Cagayan de Oro Buidler/SPM10 - eHOME

2. eHOME+ – still offers the basic features eHOME with additional features like Home Security, Security Cameras, Smoke Detectors, and Smart TV.

Cagayan de Oro Buidler/SPM10 -eHOME+


Upgrade your lifestyle with a combination of comfort and technology with Experience Home. A simple home security in a palm of your hand. Wherever you go, keep life safe and convenient with eHOME and eHOME+.


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